Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dear Santa...

As it’s one month until Christmas I thought I’d write you this little letter about my Christmas present wish list. I’ve been a very good girl this year. I’ve done nice things for people, I’ve helped people out, I’ve admitted it when I’ve been wrong and I’ve done (almost) my fair share of the household chores.

I kept my bedroom tidy for most of the time, I’ve been nice to my little brother, I’ve done all my homework (and most of my work-work) and I say my prayers every night.
So please be kind and leave me some goodies under my tree this year
I know that the recession has meant that production has slowed down in your North Pole factory due to elf job cuts and fairy dust being scarce at the moment, but if possible I’d love:
  • a Chanel 2.55 flap bag – I know I ask every year, but I just like to give you a little reminder. I’ll take it in cream, nude, white, or at a push, black. I’m not fussy. I’m really not. But I’d prefer not to have the blue…
  • A pair of Jimmy Choo Glenys sandals, if you could magically make them metallic and sparkly that would also be amazing, and I’ll never need another pair of shoes again. I promise. 
  • a Boodles Marguerita blue topaz and diamond cocktail ring. A good quality copy would be acceptable…
  • a Lulu Guiness lips clutch. Again - I'm not fussy, I'll let you decide which colour...
Then, in case Mr G and my family ask for any other ideas, I’d quite like:
  • this twinkly snowflake bracelet. I’m a snow baby, so I have a strange obsession with snowflakes. And anything twinkly. Obvs. I know, it is strange for me to request a piece of jewellery that doesn’t have seven noughts on the end of the price tag, but I’m being honest. I’d reeeeally like this please!
  • these earrings. In the absence of genuine diamonds and emeralds, genuine green and white Swarovski crystals will do nicely. Totally red carpet and Bond Girl-esque!
  • and whilst you’re in Swarovski picking up the Bond girl earrings, please also look out for this necklace and bracelet set… or just the bracelet.
  • to add this pretty watch to add to my growing Swatch collection.
  • to scent our home with a new Diptyque or Jo Malone scented candle. I love the smell of fig. Mmmmmmmmm
  • some new perfume. I wouldn’t sniff at (geddit) some Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb or some Stella McCartney Peony, especially as I’m running out of both.
  • an ultimate travel book like this one as you know I love to plan a holiday, and you know that there’s nothing that makes me happier than reading about all the places I’ve been to and will one day visit, this book will keep me entertained for hours. It might cost you a bit in future travel plans as well, though…
  • some retro champagne saucers, seeing as there will be lots of champagne quaffing in January, these glasses would make the quaffing uber-special.
  • some good books, the Mad Men DVD box set, a few recent DVD releases, maybe the Wii Zumba game (sorry downstairs neighbours) and some new tunes for my iPod to keep the post-Christmas blues at bay and see me through the cold, dark nights of January and February. Brrrrr.
  • a cute dinky diary is always welcome, because you never know when you're next going to kill your iPhone!
  • some new snuggly PJs, slippers and socks, in keeping with the tradition. Christmas without new joke pyjamas - it's like tea without milk and sugar. Acceptable, but quite frankly, strange!
  • and finally, my new obsession with Pan Am means that I NEED one of these Pan Am flight bags. I’m not sure what on earth I’d use it for, but just knowing I have it ready and waiting for when the need arises would make me very happy. If you could track down the Marc Jacobs limited edition version, well, that would be magical!
Please send my love to Mrs Claus, and send season’s greetings to the reindeer. I’ll leave your sherry and mince pies in the usual place and the carrots on the door step. Fly safe – it’s a jungle out there!

Love and kisses
p.s. don't forget - Eat, drink, be merry! Ho Ho Ho!

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