Monday, 21 November 2011

Change something

I know I’ve spoken before about how I don’t like change, but that was just in jest – and I really didn’t like the new Gold Bear consistency!
When it comes to real change, sometimes it’s not nice, sometimes it really throws everything up in the air which ruins my plans and Stresses. Me. Out! But generally I try to embrace it. It’s something to look forward to. It results in new opportunities and challenges. It can mean new projects, new friends, new places to see. I hate goodbyes but change often means there are hellos on the horizon.
I saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook profile a while back and, as a great believer in “signs”, it helped me make a few big decisions. I printed it out and stuck it up next to my desk as a little reminder to keep things moving, and to stay happy. Recently things have piled up and I lost sight of this picture, quite literally. And then, with a little bit of a spring clean (yes, I’m still speaking both in reality and figuratively, stay with me!) I discovered it again, and after a few weeks of feeling miserable, sorry for myself and lost, I am now feeling inspired again to make some big changes, and a few little ones, to make myself happy again.
I also quite often find myself humming this Honda advert from years back and, simple as the words are (and bear in mind they are singing about car engines!), they make sense:
Hate something?
Change something!
Hate something? Change something!
Make something better!
Indeed. That is what I shall do.
Things have been static for too long. I’m going to look at the things I hate, I’m going to change them and make things better for myself.
Happy days!

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