Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I know what you wore this summer

Some people might think me shallow, and they might be right, but you know what? Clothes are super-important to me. I think every occasion through with far too much attention and then plan my outfits with precision. I love doing it, and the satisfaction of pulling off a great outfit makes me so happy.
Quite frankly I think my parents, husband, extended family, friends and colleagues despair of the amount of time I spend planning what to wear and they think my energies wold be best channelled in to more, erm, worthwhile matters like politics, science, world affairs, personal finances and uh, actual work.
Sadly, fashion is my passion, and it’ll never happen (did I just go all Tulisa there?). As you will have noticed from my post about some fruity little numbers I purchased at the beginning of the summer and the outfit arithmetic I did for all the weddings I attended…
So, here’s my round up of some of my fave summertime outfits.

And just to finish, how much do I love THIS VIDEO – fashion, history, dancing, shopping and London. All my fave things in one neat little package! See how many of your own outfits you can spot in there…Makes me want to Doop Doop. And dig out some combats.
I promise I’ll post something more deep and meaningful next week…

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