Sunday, 3 July 2011

Solar Powered

I think I’m solar powered because as soon as the sun comes out, I speed up, fill up my diary, smile more and generally feel much happier. This last month has been full of goodtimes, and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer…
  1. Katie Jane came home and we had a good old girlie catch up… with more to come!
  2. The sun came out and we had a wee baby sprinkle for Mrs Sones which included afternoon tea and a back-garden family afternoon, some chatting, a slightly competitive element (mainly just for me) and some creativity. Perfect Saturday afternoon.
  3. We got an invite to the Savoy and blagged some free champagne in their bar. £38k's worth of gold leaf in one alcove... thank god the bubbly was free is all i can say!
  4. I did some mild breaking and entering to scout locations for my trash the dress photo shoot. We freaked ourselves out and made a swift exit, leaving a chunk of my DNA behind on a fence post for the mutant cannibals who were blatantly inside the derelict building watching us, to track me down. Eeeeek.
  5. I went to London, Claire bouffed my hair and Jasmine snapped snapped snapped while I trashed the dress, rocked the frock and got down in the gown. Some sample pictures here!
  6. I caught up with some of my Tea Shop luvvies. Nothing makes the hours fly more than dinner, bubbles and gossips!
  7. I went to London Zoo with the girls for Sarah’s birthday. It pi**ed it down with rain the entire time, I ruined the second pair of ballet pumps this summer, we got split up from the group and we missed the silent disco but we had mucho fun in our plastic macs, mistaking camels for giraffes (you know who you are) eating ostriches and sneaking in to the hyena enclosure. Defo in for next year!
  8. My beautiful goddaughter turned three and she hosted a wee party to celebrate with all her family, and me! We partied British style, i.e. mingling in the garden in the sunshine, in between rain and hail showers and scooting back indoors with various plates of food and soft furnishings.
  9. Mummy Bear turned 60 and we celebrated with lashings of patisserie and a big family trip to Paris (a trial run for our grand Hale-Griffith-Harvey excursion in September). It was a complete culture and food-fest and the weather was glorious. Happy days.
  10. Free tickets to Glee landed on my desk. I sang my heart out, screamed for the Warblers and danced like a crazy person. I’m such a Gleeky Gleetard
  11. Take That made it The Greatest Day with a Wembley concert but Robbie really Entertained Me. Defo still Team Robbie!!!
  12. We had a trial run for Liz’s hen do at the Covent Garden hotel, some competitive running around London, champagne in the sunshine on a rooftop bar and yummy bistro dinner. Perfect girly day out!
Roll on the next few weeks… Polo, weddings, festivals, trips round the Med, lunch dates and cocktails.
I heart the summer!

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