Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

Last night I welcomed in the new year with these gorgeous faces. We had drinks, dinner, more drinks, some dancing and general goodtimes celebrating the year that was 2014. Weddings, engagements, promotions, new homes and various other happy occasions that we had all been lucky to be a part of these past 12 months. No negativity allowed. Plenty of amaretto sours allowed!

Today I slept until the afternoon, spent the day finishing more christmas leftovers (mainly chocolate and cheese based), watching movies and colouring in pictures of shoes (thanks Jo!). All from the comfort of my sofa, in my PJs under a blanket. Bliss.

So, before I go back to work tomorrow (not a bad thing, I'm looking forward to wearing clothes, having spent far too much time in a onesie for a human older than 3 months) there's one last thing to do: make some resolutions. 

Last year I made only two (here, if you're interested) 

1. "... my main resolution; say “No!” when I really don’t want to do something and to look after myself in the same way I look try to look after others..."

2. "... absolutely get my photos sorted..."

Well, number 1 went ok. There were a few issues, but I'm getting there. Sometimes I stepped back and looked at the situations I was in and wondered where the TV cameras were. And then I remembered that I have a job, mortgage and friends that aren't scripted and I don't have a yacht, millionaire parents and an endless string of bitchy brunches to attend. Basically that I'm not a character on Made in Chelsea or TOWIE and this crazy sh*t is really happening to me. So I just stopped engaging with it, and it's mostly gone away. Brilliant! Winning! 

Number 2 is getting there. Lots of inkifi prints ordered and holes being drilled in walls. Next up, photobooks! 

So, to 2015. 

My resolutions are:

1) to keep up 2014's good work - I'm going to stay away from the haters, two-faced cowards and frenemies (in real life and on social media) and focus on those gorgeous faces that make my heart sing... and put more pictures of them on my walls! 

2) to look after my body, inside and out - I'm starting to notice the wear and tear and signs of bodily distress. I need to pay attention to what my body is telling me, and, let's be honest, this little sugar plum ain't getting any younger. Ahem!

3) to be more focused (and ambitious and confident) and make my dreams happen - I lost my spark for a while. I spent too long dwelling on the wrong and bad things. But I achieved a lot in the past 12-18 months. It's no coincidence that those achievements came from the increased focus and energy I found when I cut out a lot of distractions and negativity. In terms of more tangible plans, I have exciting things to focus on at work, we have some big ideas for our home and, of course, the world is our oyster... as soon as my annual leave requests are approved!

4) to be happy more - see above. 

5) to tell you all about it on the blog - which should be easier with this new app I've found!

And with that, back to the sofa, Sky Movies and five types of cheese (number 2 starts Monday!)



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