Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 resolutions

January's not going to be as quiet as I hoped
I wasn't going to make any this year. I never manage to keep them and I just get all OCD about them towards the end of the year and then tell myself off for being a resolutions failure, or start thinking about everything I didn't do, instead of what I did... which is normally quite a lot.

However, in looking back at my 2013 resolutions, it seems that I did in fact manage to keep one. Not on purpose, more as a symptom of other life events. And so, despite telling myself I wouldn't, I actually made some, and submitted them to Florence Find's January Joy post.

In short, they were 1) to do what I want to do, and say no more often and 2) get on top of my personal admin. They shouldn't be too hard to keep!

Happy new year!

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