Monday, 28 October 2013

Out and about: Brunch in Paris

I mention quite regularly my love of Brunch. I'd say that it's my favourite meal of the day (closely followed, in order, by Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Breakfast, Midnight Snack, Lunch, Supper and Elevenses) due to it being a food experience, as opposed to eating for eating's sake. It's an indulgence. A time to sit, enjoy, muse, chat and catch up... and eat. Oh, to eat.

I think it's my love of brunch that draws me again and again to the US for holidays. I just find it hard to better buttermilk pancakes with crispy bacon, berries and maple syrup and perhaps a mimosa or a breakfast martini...

This weekend I discovered that Paris is pretty good at Brunch too. Not just a pick-a-dish-from-the-menu kind of brunch, but a multi-course, set-menu kind of brunch. Erm... hello new favourite Sunday dining concept!


So, upon recommendation, at midday on Sunday (the clocks had gone back, which is why I was up, *ahem* so early!) Mr G and I jumped on the Metro to Chatelet and strolled up to Grizzli Cafe on Rue St. Martin. We nabbed a table just before the entire restaurant filled up with local families and couples (and their pooches) and placed our order.

To get started, a choice of freshly squeezed juices ("pamplemousse pour moi"... just because I love saying it!) and hot beverages ("cafe creme, s.v.p") with bread, conserves and pastries.

... followed by Mr G's all time fave - Eggs Benedict.

Still got room? In which case, your choice of steak tartare or salmon with potatoes...

... all finished with fromage blanc and seasonal fruit coulis.

We followed it with a mosey around the Louvre courtyard and a mile-long walk back home, to work it all off! Phew.

Who's with me for next weekend?

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