Friday, 11 October 2013

Continental hair

Bye bye Vegas hair.  Hello Paris hair!

I always knew it was all coming off, just like last time I let it get long, but this time it was just a question of when.

As I had only a short time* between Vegas and Paris I ummed and I ahhed about when to cut it all off: pre-Vegas, between Vegas and Paris, or post-Paris.

After a chat with my hairdresser we decided I needed long hair for Vegas, to facilitate TOWIE-style hair for pool parties and cocktails, and also low maintenance for all those "only 15 mins until breakfast ends/check out/to get ready for the wedding because you got engrossed in the cocktail menu next to the craps table" moments and absolutely needed a short bob for Paris.

Pretty sure it's Paris fashion law, isn't it, to have shirt hair?

Anyway, I got straight off the plane, collected our cases and car and drove like the wind (but within the spend limit, obvs) around the M25 to Chelmo, with a quick pit stop for petrol and a clothing change at BP, and Mr G dropped me off outside the hairdresser.

And off it came.

Please excuse the dazed and confused expression and jaded faced. I was indeed dazed, confused and jaded, due to six nights of Vegasness and a 10 hour cross Atlantic flight, with no sleep.

One issue... I forgot how many products and how much styling time short hair requires!


* at one point it was meant to be less than 24 hours, so you understand my predicament!

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