Monday, 1 July 2013

One year on... (part 2)

A year ago today we moved in to our new, and current, home. I had a quick flurry of activity before Christmas, ripping up floors, tearing out the bathroom, knocking down banisters and painting everything I could get my hands on.

We started with the lounge diner and got halfway through the bathroom and two of the bedrooms and then Christmas party season kicked in and my motivation went out of the window.

One year on and we are almost there. Everything we needed to address has been ripped out/up/off or just freshened up with new paint until we can renovate more fully. Putting in proper fitted (and some non-Ikea)furniture, building extensions and loft conversions and moving chunks of the house around is now the motivation for a full savings plan.

But for now it's just down to minor details and finishing touches.

The lounge remains as it was, but with more kitsch clutter collected here and there

Lounge-diner - pre-kitsch clutter-ification!

What is currently the master bedroom started as a pink girly room, with ill-thought out fitted wardrobes and a fitted desk, and is now calm and serene in grey. I'm still undecided on whether I prefer the front or the back of the house, but for now, I prefer this wallpaper, so we're staying put! It needs a picture, mirror or shelf above the head board I think and some girly prints on the facing wall.

Master bedroom - before
Master bedroom - after.
The box room started out as a nursery and is now a cute and cosy guest room. We need to properly frame the pictures and find some more colour for the bare wall and also a head board, or maybe a day bed replacement to free up some floor space. Hmmm. We'll see.

Box room - before

Box room - after

The second bedroom was full of scary seventies built-in wardrobes. Granted, they were good quality, because cor blimey did they take some welly to get them out, and they provided positively cavernous storage space, but they were hideous. So out they came, to be replaced with some funky retro wallpaper and bright yellow and teal accessories. After strip one of the paper went up I decided I hated it. But I'm not a quitter, so I finished the job (with a few deliberate errors) so I don't expect it to stay there for long! Again, we need some wall art and maybe a big chunky mirror to bounce some more light around.

Second bedroom - before

Second bedroom - after
You will notice that my dreams for an Alice in Wonderland room did not become reality. However I was allowed to indulge my crazy in the bathroom. We ripped out what was basically a brand new, but boring suite, with a silly shower arrangement (over the slanted end of the bath - I'm just not bendy enough for that!) and mis-matched tiles (but not mis-matched in a good way!) and filled it with stripes, polka-dots, glitter, pink, flamingos and burlesque girls. I love it!

Bathroom - before

Bathroom - after

Some of my bathroom details!

So now, we need to decide on some finishing touches to make the walls look less bare. I do hate a bare wall!

We also need curtains everywhere, but I just can't decide on styles, colours and sizes so I'm currently stuck in FOMO-paralysis land. I'm also umming and ahhing about art, pictures, storage and accessories.

I love this fancy storage shelf for above the bed in the master bedroom...

Baroque shelf from Design55
... and these continent prints, perhaps in yellow and teal for the second bedroom, seeing to visit them all was one of my only two life goals!
continent prints from UrbanTickle on Etsy

I also need to get my act together and get these picture cards framed and on the wall in the box room. They work well with my obsession for collective nouns, national dress (particularly a bowler hat) and travel! 

greetings card as pictures, from Woop Studios

I'll keep you updated!

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