Friday, 12 July 2013

Obsessed: Inappropriate headgear

I've mentioned before about loving hats. But I suppose it's not just hats... it's all head gear.

I love a comedy head piece, a flower garland, fancy dress involving something stuck to/on my head.

I've also always been a bit obsessed with forehead bands. Or forehead jewellery. Or whatever you want to call them. It started back at primary school as I had a brilliant book of illustrated fairy tales. My favourite story from the book was the frog prince. Mainly because the princess was a spoilt little brat who ate off golden plates and drank from crystal goblets (there's something so magical about the words "crystal goblet" isn't there? I got some as a present once, and I can't bear to use them for worry of ruining the magic) and had a golden ball for playing games in the manicured grounds, which was how she came across her frog prince, in the lily pond. I so want a lily pond. This chance encounter with a talking garden amphibian, who would one day transform in to a royal husband, was wonderfully caught with a beautiful wishy-washy watercolour picture.

That picture has stuck with me for years. In that picture the princess has a sneer on her face, a cocktail ring on her long elegant index finger (remember my obsession with Maleficent?) which appeared ballerina-like from a tapered medieval-esque sleeve... and a circlet on her head.

And so began my obsession with adornments for my forehead.

After sneery-princess-circlet envy, I graduated to wanting a transducer like the Girl from Tomorrow (or just an alice band slipped down across my face and a lump of Blu-Tak and silver foil in the middle) and then on to a full on super hero obsession with She Ra and Wonder Woman because of their forehead crowns.

Following the princess phase, the futuristic phase and then the superhuman phase, I moved on to the ethereal phase with a mini elf obsession – think Galadriel and Arwen rather than Dobby and Winky...

Sadly, without fancy dress as an excuse, there's not much cause to wear forehead jewellery or crowns. Not even as a bride. When I got married, I toyed with the idea of something extravagant on my head... not a tiara. I don't do tiaras. I like edgy and different, whereas tiaras make me look like a Swan Lake extra or a Princess Diaries wannabe. I wanted something like a mini white top hat, Satine-from Moulin-Rouge style, a twenties beaded hairnet or a Priscilla Presley style veil.

In the end I went for a veil. A big, fat veil, and then a small pouffy veil in the evening, but looking back, it just wasn't enough.

And then along came Daisy, or just flappers in general, and now they're everywhere.

ASOS flapper head bands
Which is a problem for me, as I keep *adding them to cart* and then pondering the fact... where on earth would I wear it?

Not to work (unless you're the Queen or Duchess Katie), not on a night out (bit much for the local pub). No special parties coming up (one last 30th to celebrate, and that's going to be fancy dress). Not to a festival (imagine the weird sunburn and how hot that metal'd get against your forehead all day) and not to the beach (I'm just not boho enough). Maybe to a wedding... but unless you're the bride, is it acceptable to turn up with a ton of diamante in your hair?

Lulla Bellz hair pieces: Nicola, Abelie and Mitzy

I need a reason to wear one of these?

Is Vegas a good reason?

Everything and anything goes in Vegas, right?ntentious Regulatory development group


  1. I love them too, but I'm not sure I have the guts to wear one in Edinburgh. But, if I was in Vegas I would definitely throw caution to the wind and embrace it!

  2. I love hats and hair ornaments and ended up buying two for my wedding from here: I've worn mine for black tie type events and would definitely wear to a wedding.