Monday, 3 June 2013

Pineapple Club

After the pineapple-themed events of The Wonder Hen we formed a little club, led by Liz (of pink-word fame), to continue our appreciation of that wondrous fruit.

A Pineapple Club, if you will.

Coincidentally, everything I see at the moment seems to be pineapple themed, which means we are fast amassing a Pineapple Club membership pack and even potentially a uniform.

We seem to have found glassware, homewares, jewellery, socks, bags and even clothes

We all caught up recently at Barrio East (sister venue to Barrio North), of course, due to its pineapple themed light fittings, cocktails and salsas, and decided that it was in fact the first meeting of Pineapple Club.

Technically I'm breaking the rules by blogging, as the first rule of Pineapple Club is not to talk about Pineapple Club (mainly because people will judge us/think we're mental/be scared of us), but I don't think it's a problem, because if they kick me out, I'm going to start Flamingo Club and be the leader, and wear pink and stand on one leg at all times.




Oh, hang on...

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