Sunday, 23 June 2013

Obsession: My New Mini

I like cars, but I'm not a car geek. I know nothing about how and why they work. I couldn't care less about fuel efficiency. My interest in emmissions is cash based.

I like my cars to be pretty and cute.

That's all.

Oh, and I also like a theme.

Old car: Minnie the Mini


New car: Mickey the Mini

I just bought a new Mini Cooper. Black, convertible, white bonnet stripes. Disco lights inside. Yip. You heard. Disco lights.

Mr G was trying to convince me to buy a proper grown up car. A car that could one day become a family car. A car that he could drive without looking like a wally. Basically sensible car. A grown up car. And then the sales guy showed me the pretty disco lights, and Nick's suggestions fell upon deaf ears!

I did my research though - one day this car could easily transport a small child. Potentially two small children. Sadly, it won't transport any kind of buggy, nappy bag or supplies at the same time as said child. Ooops.

Anyway, forget all that grown up stuff, the best bit is to come. I mentioned a theme... well my last car was a white Mini with black bonnet stripes.

Mickey the Mini and Minnie the Mini: Besties
See... I used to drive Minnie the Mini, and now I drive Mickey the Mini! Brilliant! Hurrah!

Disco lights and a character theme - grown up decision-making all the way!

Oh, and the key looks like a spaceship!

Old key. New key... in disguise as a spaceship!


  1. I'm not a car geek at all but I must say that I really would like a Mini. Instead I have a banger.... sigh.

  2. It's fun to drive, like a giant go kart. But seriously, the disco lights were the clincher!!!