Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Outfit planning: Zara brights

Zara is having a bit of a moment. I want almost everything on their website. I have to stay back, it could be dangerous for my credit card.


*cue whiney voice*

But it's just so full of colour! You know how I love block colour and paint-pot brights when the sun comes out.

Ok, ok, I know I said I would use my new bag with clothes I already own, but come on, as if I could resist this hot pink and green colour combo, a winner from 2011 wedding season (specifically one of my arithmetic dresses in green and my Louboutins in hot pink)!

I think, seeing as I've got so many special occasions coming up, I can be let off the hook for purchasing these little babies. And I'll keep my promise and use my new stripey Lulu!

Of course these hot pink dresses (top and bottom) could be worn on hundreds of occasions and the green strappy shoes will literally go with everything.

But which one...?
I think I prefer the cut of the top one, but the bottom one would suit my shape better.

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