Friday, 12 April 2013

Pub furniture kleptomania

On Easter Sunday, The Mister and I went out for a lovely late lunch at a local pub.

He'd been working all weekend so it was a nice time to catch up, eat some scrummy food, consume a little bit of late-afternoon fizz and generally chill out together.

It's a quirky little place full of mis-matched furniture, kitsch decor (you know I love kitsch) and hidden snuggly corners.

It was in one of those corners that I spied this little beauty:

I wanted to steal it SO badly... but, you know, with The Mister's job being dependent on law-abiding-citizen-ness (although, aren't most?) and all, he was less than enthusiastic about my idea to cause a distraction while I tried to hot-foot it out the door with a brightly coloured armchair.


Amazingly, my buddy Jasmine recognised the chair (I Instagrammed, Tweeted and Facebooked it almost immediately upon sight - obvs) and found me a link to buy my very own.

Shall we all chip in and rotate it bewteen us?

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