Monday, 8 April 2013

If you can't say something nice...

... then at least spell check it!

I saw this article on Emerald Street and I loved it so much I just had to share.

Check out this Tumblr feed. It's like a mash up of your English homework and Banksy.

I know I'm getting old, but how much do I want to join The Tutor Crowd in their campaign against poor grammar and incorrect spelling in street graffiti?

So much.

Not sure I'm cool enough though.

Or, more importantly, clever enough.

*idles back through past blog posts looking for all the typos my dad keeps mentioning...*

Who wants to come on a sticker search in London with me...


  1. Okay, I AM actually a guerilla grammar pedant. I corrected street signage outside my flat last year with a big marker pen. My boss thought he'd have to come and bail me. Some things are worth risking your liberty for...!

    I also often correct menus.

  2. Ha ha! The blurb on takeaway menus are always grammatically incorrect!