Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The dress which ruined the Oscars red carpet

I thought this year's Oscars red carpet was boring. Boooooring. Nothing stood out. Nothing grabbed me.

Yeah yeah. Keep moving Hollywood starlet in your designer gown. Yawn.

I think it was because all I could see in my mind was Marion Cotillard's yellow dream from the BAFTAs and in comparison the Oscars dress parade was all pretty tame.

Ruining it for everyone: Marion Cotillard at the BAFTAs

From here - It's just amazing, right?

I suppose we have to pick something though, don't we? So I'm going for joint faves with Halle Berry's vertical stripes and Naomi Watts' asymmetric sequins?

Joint Best in Show (if I have to): Halle and Naomi

From here - I like the styling and I like the unusual neckline. Pretty standard dress though/

From here - looks a bit like armour, but we all know I'm having an obsession with stripes recently.

Can we also have a quick moment for my newest (and best yet?) girl crush, Jennifer Lawrence. I don't love the dress, but I don't hate it. I do love the styling though, especially that reversed necklace. And I love how she's just wearing it like she means it. She's badass in a ballgown! 

Highly Commended for "wearing" skills and accessorizing: Jennifer Lawrence
From here - Looks a bit like a creased wedding dress from a distance. But I think the shape is amazing on her.

From here - Dazzling diamonds, dazzling smile. That is all.
Last but not least, I'd also like to award a special merit to Lily Collins who, from what I can gather, didn't attend the actual ceremony, but pulled a very special little number out of the bag for the Vanity Fair after party.

Special merit, despite not being invited: Lily Collins 

From here - I actually want this dress. Now!

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