Friday, 11 January 2013

More namesake shoes

Jimmy Choo is killing me!

First there was the Victoria, then the sparkly Victoria. Not just a namesake shoe, but a GLITTERY namesake shoe!

Jimmy Choo sparkly Victoria shoe

And now they have the Vikki.

It's almost the spelling I use, but not quite. However I'm not precious, I can change it, I've done it before...

The Jimmy Choo Vikki shoe

And I'll do it again if someone buys me these...

But wait, there's more. My Baby Bro used to refer to himself in the third person when he was dinky, and despite being called Christopher, used the name Vivica (we think due to a hearing problem - see under "RIA" here). Lo and behold, they also have some called that. Well what do you know?

On investigation, much like the real "Vivica" and Victoria, the Victoria is much better looking, so that's clearly the first choice.

Sorry Baby Bro.

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