Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Looking back and forwards - the 2012/13 edition - Part two: New Year Resolutions

Today has been a hard day.

Last night’s Roaring Twenties NYE party Chez Moi (see the dress I finally chose to wear, after much deliberation, here) turned my house in to a bombsite, and on less than three hours’ sleep I spent over four hours returning the place to normality while my poor body slowly succumbed to the cold/sore throat/cough bug that’s going around.
Final party dress decision!
I’m a hero.


Meanwhile Mr G moaned, wailed, whimpered and snored on the sofa as he suffered from the after effects of the horrendous shot combinations he was concocting last night. I have zero sympathy. There have been some daggers shot across the room on numerous occasions today.

And a nice long list of "chores" written for him to complete tomorrow whilst I'm at work.

However, it wasn't all bad, two hours alone washing up gave me some time to reflect on last year’s resolutions and to think about the ones I will make for the coming year.

I managed some of them easy peasy lemon squeezy, some of them required a bit more effort and some I just plain ignored! Oops.

I made quite a few last year, twenty to be precise, so this year I’m keeping the number low. Let’s say ten? Is that reasonable? Also, this year I’m making resolutions that are a bit more SMART, as opposed to last year when they were a bit more wishy-washy. Anyone that wasted their time (like me, for eight years) on Business Studies at school will know that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound which helps me to stay focussed! My mind and personality functions much better with more definitive parameters. We could even call them New Year Objectives. 

So, with that in mind, let’s go:
Body – go to the gym at least once a week, eat less rubbish, further reduce my alcohol intake, get regular massages and spa treatments
Mind – chill out more,  say “no” more, spend more time reading in the conservatory than stressing and on my mobile
Finances – we had a rather expensive year lastyear and have a VERY expensive year ahead, so 2013 is a time to rebuild my savings and be a bit more prudent with my expenditure. I have a figure in my head of how much I would like in my savings account at the end of this year and what I would like to use it for.
Photos – fill all empty photo frames (there are lots!), complete my electronic filing and create photo-books for all my trips and big events of the past five years by the spring.
Laundry - stay on top of washing, ironing and cleaning each week, rather than rushing everything when we need to use the spare rooms for guests and not just piles of clean and dirty washing (one in each room).
Domesticity – rather than opting to eat out/order in/eat crisps/work late/just skip dinner to avoid cooking for myself I will cook myself a meal at least once a week. Hmmm
DIY – complete any current or pending home improvement projects by the summer, when I will be good and ready to start hosting parties again... i.e just in time to trash it all!
Planning for the future - work on plans for various extension/renovating options, get quotes, make decisions, get saving and set deadlines.
Wardrobe – clear out, give/throw away items I haven’t worn for over a year and rearrange the inside in to some semblance of order - each season! Keeping items for fancy dress is no longer an option!
Rest – go to bed earlier (ideally well before midnight on school nights), no late-night Facebook/Twitter/Hotmail checking and get some sleep therapy!

So there we have it!
Oh, hang on, I forgot one. Less a new year resolution/objective, more a January rule – NO BOOZE until my birthday. Last year I failed terribly and caved within the week due to a run of thirtieth birthdays. The year before I managed two and a half months, due to alcohol poisoning. I’m hoping for something in between this year. Wish me luck.

No booze...

Happy 2013 people, I wish you love, health and happiness for the new year.


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