Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Festive jewellery

Last year I posted about some festive, erm, "fashion"... but that was a bit later in December and a week or so ago I posted about finally finding my Christmas party dress.

This year I also thought about my lounge wear... and I don't mean that in a poncey I-spend-hundreds-on-cashmere-joggers-and-vests-from-White-Company kind of way (I really, really don't!), I mean it in the way that I literally only wear this stuff in my lounge because it's the ultimate in cheese!

Festive jammies and a kitsch onesie (is there any other kind of onesie?) are getting me firmly in the seasonal mood in the privacy of my home, while glittery dresses hang in my wardrobe.

Not for work....
So I've got my festive outfits covered for my sofa and for parties, but what about work?

also not for work!
I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate to start wearing reindeer jumpers and tinsel deely boppers to work, well, maybe not until next week. So until then, I'm going to keep it subtle with this Tatty Devine holly necklace.

Totes understated and work appropriate, no?

I'm now wondering about this cracker necklace for Christmas Day...

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