Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Eve

We hosted our first Christmas gathering in our new home and joined our families together for their first festive party. We broke from the standard tradition of Christmas Eve at my parents' and invited everyone round to play.

We decided against a sit down meal, and went for cocktails and canapes, followed by a buffet, the annual soup competition and then dessert, some very special bubbly and then tea and sofa snuggling.

Mini cherry and dark chocolate trifles. HIGHLY dangerous!

"Champagne flutes" for my mum and aunts - to avoid drunk and disorderliness

Stressed Chef!

Joint effort on the salmon!


Special bubbles!

Posh Squash... for use in alcoholic drinks only!

Soup tasting in the Potage Cup 2012

We worked hard on the prep, we grafted all night, we hardly ate any of the food we prepared and drank barely a drop. We collapsed in to bed at 3am, shattered, but it was worth it to have all our loved ones together, in our new home, at Christmas... except Kate Louise - we missed you. Lucky we had Fake Christmas last week.

Fake Christmas last week with Kate Louise and Lucy Jayne!
Could this be a new tradition in the making?


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