Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Day

Like I mentioned in my Christmas Eve post, it was All Change this year for Christmas, and our usual traditions of sofa camping, all day blow up mattress snoozing, dining room reconfiguration for sleeping purposes and late night living room campsite cinema was replaced by actual beds back at my house, champagne brunch in the dining room and reasonable amounts of sleep!

Let me expand...

Woke up in a bed... and Santa found me! WIN!
Having hosted  Christmas Eve Chez Moi, I didn't have to camp in my parents' lounge with my cousins, husband, baby bro and sister in law, in fact I woke up in my own bed, in a house full of my family, to whom I had also offered beds to save them also camping in the lounge and dining room. I had been worried that Santa wouldn't find me here to deliver my Santa Sack, but he must have SantaNav as he did manage to locate me! It still felt sad not to be with everyone in one house, but stuffing my face with half a box of After Eights before even leaving the bed helped a little.

A quick cuppa and we (those at the Griffith outpost) were en route, in convoy back to my parents' for a Champagne brunch, and with all the time we saved on not having to re-configure the lounge and dining room from campsites back in to usual reception rooms and packing away beds and bedding we found time to snuggle up and watch a chick flick!

I headed over to Mr G's parents' to watch him getting stressed out about stuffing his goose and braising his red cabbage, whilst I snuggled up with his family (sadly minus Middle Sister, who was kayaking in Guatemala when we called) to watch The Snowman and the Snow Dog.

Dinner time dress ups!

more dinner time dress ups!
As they sat down for their Christmas dinner (goose stuffed and red cabbage braised) I returned to my parents' to help set the table and settle down to our own yummy dinner.

mmmmmm, parmesan 'snips! My fave!

After dinner we played the usual games and then at about 8pm we gathered back in the lounge, secured our spots for present and opening and Jo and I handed out the mountains of gifts. Some things never change though - we always feint my dad with gifts for other people, saving all his until the end so he "thinks" he has none to open. I add the bunny ears around "thinks", because he knows full well what we're doing, having done it for the last 20 years, but is a good sport and plays along. Bless.

No one knows when or wy we started doing it, but it makes us giggle, so long may it continue!

After the hustle and bustle of gift unwrapping, and cries of "ooooh", "ahhhhh" and "thank yooooooou", coffee, petit fours arrive, we all put on our christmas pyjamas (or onesies) and argue over what to watch... Strictly Christmas Special? Doctor Who? Downton Abbey? Whatever happens, it's never Eastenders, I have no time for that doom and gloom on Christmas Day!!!! Although this year someone selected The Woman in Black... now, Eastenders would have been much cheerier!


As with Christmas Eve, there was no camping required as we all had bed this year so after a long and happy day those of us sleeping at my house headed back to hit the pillows. I felt a bit sad not snuggling up with "the kids" in the lounge (not that any of us has been a "kid" in a loooooong time) but I suppose nothing lasts forever!

ending Christmas Day in a onesie, with a Cosmo!

One day I may even host Christmas Day Chez Moi... scary Mary!

I can't believe it's all over for another year. Time to start thinking about NYE... outfits at the ready people!

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