Thursday, 13 September 2012

Smells like trouble

Recently I've had a bit of an Obsession (ooo, clever!) with perfume adverts. Adverts in print, on the TV, in store, on billboards. I'm not interested in buying the stuff, I have plenty to be getting on with, but all of a sudden I've taken a keen interest in the branding, the message, the "face", the bottle, the composition... I wonder why.

Maybe all this living in a cross between a squat and a building site is leaving me in need of some glamour and glitz? Maybe because I feel rough as old boots right now and I feel like I need a radical make over show to come round and sort me out! Who knows.

My current faves in the advertising stakes? Well, they're also two of my top three fave smell-nices right now as well: Coco Mademoiselle (which I chose to wear for my wedding) and Miss Dior Cherie (just for the record the other is Viktor and Rolf FlowerBomb).

I can't decide which of the two I like more, they're both so similar, not just the names, bottles and actual aromas but also the adverts. The soft lighting, focus and colours. A beautiful cityscape and a stunning apartment. Soft curls, luscious (bare) skin, sultry vocals, a rather lovely co-star, crisp white sheets... they're both so girly girly girly. But do I prefer Natalie Portman and the LBD, the bow tie, the shades, the bath and the roses or Keira Knightley and the jumpsuit and matching helmet, bike and boots with that amazing bob?

If I had to call it, if I really really had to, I think it has to be Chanel.

Always Chanel!

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