Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What to wear…

… when you’re homeless, your entire life is in storage, the weather can’t make its mind up… and you have five important events to attend?


You know me.
Despite my planning, I still had some last minute outfit stress to deal with. But it all worked out rosy(ish) in the end.
It kicked off with a wedding in a field, complete with tractors, rowing boats, Louboutins in puddles, a giant cheese-cake, a quirky cover band and ties round heads at midnight. We then found ourselves at a 30th birthday/housewarming party for a close friend, and I don’t remember much from that part of the night apart from a pint of gin and tonic (it was big, it wasn’t clever), surgical gloves and a bleeding knuckle. Ewww

For this event I chose a dress from New Look (a Limited Collection number I bought back in February), a hat from my existing collection (last seen last year in the Cotswolds for another fabulous wedding), a grey cropped jacket from H&M that literally goes with everything, my trusty Louboutins and my Lulu Guinness lips clutch for a splash of colour (and the usual drunken photo posing). I also got to wear some of my birthday bling plus a cheapie necklace from H&M.

The next morning I battled through one of the worst hangovers I’ve ever felt to attend a small post-wedding gathering in a local pub and try out some hair-of-the-dog remedies before heading off to wedding number two, which incorporated an emotional ceremony, some great British weather (rain) accompanied by some great British spirit (not letting rain ruin a jolly good party), lots of laughs, a few tears, a raving rope, some old school memories and some more recent ones.

For this event I wore a Warehouse dress, my shameless LouisVuitton copy shoes, a hair piece I made myself from red sparkly butterflies from Hobbycraft, a hair comb and some florists wire, and Saturday's jacket came back out to play. I garnished my outfit with some twinkles (found here on my Christmas list) and my rose gold Mulberry clutch.

The next morning I was awake bright and early (ok, not so bright, but definitely early) to make afternoon tea for our Diamond Jubilee Party (more on this later). With 30 minutes until the guests were due to arrive I was still setting up so getting ready time was at a minimum, but I think I work best under pressure.
For this little event the dress code was “icons from the last 60 years” or failing that “patriotic best”, so, with my dressing up box and all superfluous accessories in storage, I had to fling it all together last minute and just work with what I had. My original plan had been to dress up as “Pimm’s” or “strawberries and cream” but time, money, homelessness and effort just got in the way and I went for “patriotic” in red, white and blue, with a vintage/quirky twist. I wore a pale blue fifties style dress from LindyBop on Amazon, with one of my Bridesmaid’s net petticoats, a Union Flag hair bow from eBay with a bouffant beehive, some red and white ribbons as a sash from Hobbycraft and some red and white polka dot wedges from New Look. I feel like I could have done better but it worked out ok in the end!

Tuesday was a chill out day watching my fave lady on the telly (that's Queenie, if you didn't know) all day long.
What did I wear on Tuesday?
My pyjamas… all day long.

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