Saturday, 30 June 2012


Look at the love and the smiles my keys are giving me!

Today, six months to the day after starting our search, we picked up the keys and set foot in our new home as the owners, and not just viewers.

It’s not the first home we’ve owned together but, seeing as we’ve been homeless for six weeks and living together with my parents, it almost feels like it is. It’s not a mansion, it’s not fully detached. It’s not perfectly decorated and it’s not likely to be the house we grow old in.
But, crumbs, am I excited about the future in this new house. Parties, sleepovers, decorating projects (including threats of divorce in Ikea), BBQs (Mr G is more excited about his GINORMOUS BBQ than he is about the house I think), our first Christmas there (and a possible change to the traditional running order), collecting a dinner service, buying our first lawnmower and, dare I say it, starting a family…

Let’s be honest, people have been on bump-watch for nearly three years, and now, it’s going to go in to overdrive isn’t it? Best I stay away from the carbs for a while. Ha!
With the flat we coukd do stuff, there were possibilities, but with our new little house we can expand and grow those possibilities are endless… well not endless, there’s no room for a pool or a pony, but maybe a hot tub and a puppy (purleeeeeease Mr G? Please? Pwetty pwease?), but I can live without those things on the basis that we will have some of the things I’ve long been coveting:
  • a dining table
  • a dishwasher
  • a separate kitchen
  • a garden
  • my own driveway, and 
  • (I really don’t want to say it, but I’m gonna…) STORAGE!
I was in my early twenties when we bought the flat (god that makes me feel old). Who knew about storage and white goods at that age? Not me. I wish I bloody did though, the last seven years would have been a bit more streamlined if I had! But I don’t want to be mean about our first home, the flat served us well. It was emotional to say goodbye, but I had actual butterflies as we drove to the new house earlier this evening. I walked around opening and closing fitted wardrobes (they’re going) checking out the kitchen pantry (way old school but also going), sitting in the garden, twirling on my drive, visualising curtains and wallpaper and flooring… I feel like we’ve bonded already.

And you know what? You know I’m all about the signs. The links, the pattern (it’s my sickness, don’t judge me) and I’ve already found one.

The flat was number 21.
The new pad is 42.

There it is.

THE sign that it’s going to be twice as amazing, twice the fun and twice the memories.


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