Sunday, 10 June 2012

Belated blog-iversary

I missed my blogging anniversary.

In fact I missed it by a whole month! Exactly 13 months ago today I set up Sugar Plum Slipper to blog about my life, and somehow my life got so busy I forgot I was supposed to blog about it. Whoopsie.

I think I have some good excuses though, and my instagram feed proves it! Check it out here and follow me - I'm vikihalo!

1)     We are homeless, I couldn’t find my laptop and even the simplest tasks, like showering before work, have to be planned with military precision. I’m just getting the hang of having to take a wash bag, two towels and a robe to the bathroom with me. For the first few days I had to screech from the top of the stairs for someone to bring me something to cover myself with so I could make it back to our temporary home (my parents’ study) without flashing everyone! I can safely say looking for my laptop wasn’t high on my list of priorities!

2)     We went on holiday the day after moving out. Yes, that’s right, I wasn’t just packing to move my entire life in to storage, I was also packing (aka outfit planning) to take appropriate clothing on holiday (which still ended up being wrong, due to freak weather), packing to ensure I had appropriate work clothes for when we returned (again, freak weather ruined all those plans) and packing/outfit planning for all the events we had to attend on our return (and, yes you guessed it, the weather – not “freak” this time – ruined those plans too!). Anyone that knows me and my outfit OCD, and has seen my wardrobe/shoe collection/accessories boxes will understand why that task was HUGE!

3)     Speaking of events, we came home from a very tiring, but amazing, holiday to have an equally tiring Jubilee week. Two weddings, a wedding after-party, a 30th birthday, a Jubilee Party (that I catered and hosted - re-using my Royal Wedding bunting and flags) and one of my bestie's engagement party.
So, those are my excuses. I suppose all I can do is write about them to make up for a quiet month on the blog! So stay tuned for lots of posts this week to make up for it...

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