Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive, erm, "fashion"?

Seeing as it’s Christmas, and novelty fair isle jumpers are all over the pages of every magazine I pick up, I feel I should be allowed to go a bit bonkers on the “Yuletide style” as well. As I already picked up a novelty snowflake cardy (complete with snowball pom poms) a little while back I thought I'd add a few more items to my festive wardrobe.

I do love a novelty jumper, and in my office we do have a bit of a thing for clothing featuring animals (who knows why, we just do!) so this week I went a bit crazy for canine-themed jumpers, specifically this Dalmatian jumper from Oasis and a sausage dog jumper from Dotty P. I'm sorry to say that both are sold out now. Sad face. I know you were all desperate to dress up in animal-themed clothing, just like me!

I was also super excited for December to finally get going as it meant I could get all my sparkles, sequins and glitter out.

I purchased this gold and black stripey jumper dress for one of my work Christmas parties on impulse in the Oasis sale, and wore it sixties style with some dangly earrings and a baby beehive (I went black tie for the second party so I felt I could be a bit more informal with this one). It was a bit of a risk as the shop is right under the office and so there was a very high chance that at least three other people would turn up wearing the same thing. I got lucky though! I also got my sequins out in Budapest (review coming soon!) with this skirt from Matalan, some ankle boots and a sparkly jumper, again from Oasis. Oh, not forgetting the ever-present accessory - the cocktail/glass of fizz.

I also got a bit Advantage Card-happy during a Supermarket Sweep session in Boots. I snaffled some Rimmel glitter top coat, a lovely iridescent rose gold, that looks rather opulent over the top of a deep, but shimmery, purple, I also got my (super-glittery) hands on some Barry M gold glitter dust (I’ve been obsessed with these for years for big butterfly eye make up), some blue and some gold glitter liquid eyeliner and a gold glitter eye crayon. I don’t care what the beauty experts say, I’m loving gold glittery eyes with deep, matte raspberry lips or pale glossy lips and some big pouffy hair. Festive festive festive!

However I think my favourite festive purchase this year, has been my crazy, disco-fabulous holly leaf-green, glitter sandals from ASOS. Highly impractical and unlikely to ever see the light of day after this week, I just love them and all their green, glittery gorgeousness.

I was finding it difficult to match them with anything, so I gave in to my “colour clash” urges and wore them with a royal blue dress, and seeing as blue and green should never be seen without another colour in between I wore opaque black tights... and again, found a brightly coloured cocktail to pull it all together!

I realise that there’s a lot of glitter, sequins and sparkly thread here, so, in the interest of health and safety I won’t wear it all at once, and I will steer clear of naked flames!
P.S. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of my black tie do, although there were no sequins involved, so that's probably why I didn't bother! Booooooring!

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